Logistics solutions from the source to where the product is needed most

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Nowadays GARRETT maintains a short chain of command to facilitate efficient decision-making in the interests of our partners and clients.

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  • Trading

    We are proud to have among us people who have the valuable experience of shouting out orders in the oil exchange pit.

  • Merchant Banking

    It deploys the firm's capital, alongside that of a select set of leading institutional and private investors.

  • Risk management

    Our prudent approach to managing the risk of commodity trading is fundamental to GARRETT's performance.

  • Compliance

    The company administrator is a compliance specialist well recognized within Swiss-based banks and oil companies. She is a graduate of the compliance program organized jointly by OFAC and Boston University.

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The things that make us better

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Financial derivative instruments to hedge commodity price and foreign currency exchange rate risks

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Ready access to sufficient capital and funding to hedge liquidity risk

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Insurance to hedge various operational risks including freight-related and political risks

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Strict policies and procedures to hedge counterparty relationships, fraud, and regulatory risks